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Diane brings unique expertise in mental health, policy, maternal mental health, and rural healthcare to strategize real-world solutions. Her skills help you work through issues and conflict, centering relationships to enhance credibility, trust, and efficacy.


Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We love interdisciplinary collaboration. Everyone wins when communication is clear and transparent. 

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We love connecting leaders in behavioral health and healthcare with solutions that improve their bottom line, center patients, and help clinicians thrive.



We love improving healthcare for workers, patients and staff, on the job and off, so everyone thrives.

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Our team collaborates & guides yours, streamlining equity-based and trauma-informed solutions.


Here is just a sample of areas in which we have and can consult:

  • Behavioral health integration

  • Program assessment & problem-solving

  • Workforce satisfaction & optimization

  • Speaking and teaching

    • Individuals

    • Small groups

    • Large audiences

  • Program Development:

    • Mental wellness

    • Behavioral health 

    • Maternal mental health

    • End of life

  • Government relations

  • Strategic initiatives addressing social determinants of health

  • Group visioning for values, mission, and results

  • Optimizing patient satisfaction

  • Transparent communication training

  • Trauma-informed provider wellbeing (burnout, self-care, resilience, retention)

  • Your need/vision/dream here—just ask!

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A Sampling of Recent Accomplishments 

  • Navigated the Oregon Executive and Legislative branches to further healthcare for all and health professional advancement

  • Created and offered legislative testimony

  • Strategized legislative advocacy options

  • Leveraged connections to maximize outcomes

  • Co-chaired the workforce committee of the Governor's Behavioral Health Advisory Council (GBHAC)

    • One of few healthcare providers to sit on GBHAC​

    • Sole provider in the private sector

  • Helped develop innovative retention strategy to keep behavioral health workers thriving to meet demand

  • Led nurse expansion of Oregon Wellness Program (OWP) to offer free, confidential mental health services to ~50,000 nurses across the state

    • Sole nurse and lead professional to manage expansion​

    • Partnered with multiple organizations and professionals to help garner outreach, seamless rollout, and funding:

      • Oregon State Board of Nursing

      • Oregon Nurses Association

      • Oregon Center for Nursing

      • Oregon Medical Association

    • Tripled cohort of mental health providers highly skilled in serving health professionals to ensure successful OWP growth and expansion to nursing workforce

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“I highly recommend Diane for all your mental health policy needs - she takes the time to understand the needs of each individual or business she works with and always goes the extra mile.”

Kathy Smith

Professional Acquaintance 

“Diane is outstanding at both policy development and program implementation. She helped guide the Oregon Wellness Program through expansion from serving 25,000 healthcare professionals to 130,000 eligible licensees. She was the pivot in upscaling the network to successfully serve these clients.

Tim Goldfarb

President, The Foundation for Medical Excellence; retired CEO of multiple academic health systems” 

“As Oregon House Healthcare Committee Chair, I wanted to ensure nurses enjoy the improvements in recruitment, recognition, and retention they so deserve. Collaborating with Diane was both strategic and brilliant. Highly recommend!”

Rachel Prusak

FNP, Former Oregon State Representative, palliative and hospice care specialist

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