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Diane N. Solomon
Mental Health & WellnessWriter/Essayist

A dedicated, thoughtful writer crafting stories, insights, and empowerment. Infused by psychiatric expertise. Here’s to your wellbeing!

Creating a World Through Words.

For me, writing is life. I have always written—long, luxurious letters since age 8, passionate journaling from 12 or 13. And twined with writing, I’ve been a caretaker A child carer to family and friends, then a nurse, nurse-midwife, and psychiatric nurse practitioner. I cannot unbraid writer and carer, nor would I want to.

Retired from patient care, now I write—and through writing, hope to help others. I write about wellness, mental health, relationships; what seems most meaningful to humans.


For decades, Dr. Solomon’s psychiatry practice focused on mental health and wellness. She skillfully evolved into writing, strategizing state-of-the-art health and mental health policy, serving as an adjunct professor at OHSU, and mentoring the next generation.

She is a much-published expert and speaker for both scholarly and lay audiences, skills cultivated during a career as writer, editor, and provider in healthcare.

About Dr. Solomon

Featured In:

“I love reading your stuff. Wonderful! Your voice is so confident but accessible and it makes
reading you a pleasure.”

Noah Michaelson

Head of HuffPost Personal

“Diane has such a relatable voice when she writes. I instantly feel captured by her stories and I'm always looking to read more!

Kathy Smith

Personal Acquaintance 

“Diane is outstanding at both policy development and program implementation. She helped guide the Oregon Wellness Program through expansion from serving 25,000 healthcare professionals to 130,000 eligible licensees. She was the pivot in upscaling the network to successfully serve these clients.”

Tim Goldfarb

President, The Foundation for Medical Excellence; retired CEO of multiple academic health systems

“As Oregon House Healthcare Committee Chair, I wanted to ensure nurses enjoy the improvements in recruitment, recognition, and retention they so deserve. Collaborating with Diane was both strategic and brilliant. Highly recommend!”

Rachel Prusak

FNP, Executive Director, Oregon State Board of Nursing; Former Oregon State Representative


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